Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reviewing how to do homework.

9/16-17 We went  over how to make our homework better.
               vocab cards p 12 questions p 17, 1a,b,c 2a,b,c Quiz on 6-9 next class.

9/18-9/21-Pre History II- Chart p 12 and quiz p 6-9 Read p 18-19 Assessment P 19

                 Create Chart p 12 quiz 12-17 Quiz p 6-9

9/22-23- Civilization           Growth of a Civilization chart p 20 game civilization

voc p 20 and questions p24, questions 1a,b2a,b 3a,b

Timeline Due 10/6(A)-7(b)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finally reconnecting!!

 I have had a rough time getting Blogger, duval county schools and Google to agree. I have finally convinced them all to work together. Thank you for your patience. It has been very frustrating! I know for both of us.

Here is the chart information to help you catch up:

9/1-9/2- Base line Testing

9/8-9/9- Migration   Home work P FL52-FL55

9/10-9/11- Geography and History  Read p 6-9 and do * vocabulary index cards and Questions p 9, 1a,b,c;2a,b,c. The students need to restate the question, write complete sentences and give evidence for their answers.

* index vocabulary cards- Cards should have vocabulary word and coordinating picture on the front and the complete definition from the book on the back. Creating a flash card.

9/14-9/15- Time lined page 10-11 in Textbook. Students will do Practice the skill and Apply the Skill. *Timeline project assigned due for A on October 6 and for B October 7.

* timeline project- The students will need a poster board for this project. The board should be used on the long side. The students are to create a time line from the year they were born ( 2003,2004,2005). The top part of the Timeline should be pictures representing your child's life from Birth to 2015. The bottom of the Timeline should be world events for each year of your child's life. These events should have pictures also. Both sets of pictures should have small captions identifying them. The student were shown how to research this information and they drew an example in their journals.

9/16-9/17- Pre History   Read p 12-17  *vocabulary index cards for the words on page 12 and questions only on p 17, 1 a,b,c and 2 a,b,c.

 I have been grading papers most night and pass them back., However I only update the grades once a week. Please be patient with me and I will be with you. We both have the same Goal.

Biggest problems I see when grading papers:

no name on paper or cards
incomplete sentences
not restating the question
Writing out the questions, when not needed
Not reading the questions correctly causing the answer to be incorrect
Not following directions
Not following Rubric

I have also seen some lovely papers. I get so excited when I read them!!!

 The students will be having some quizzes coming up soon. The test will be towards the end of this month.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome to 2015-2016 School year!!!

 Thank you to all of the families and your donations of Paper, Hand Sanitizer, and Wipes!! I feel like Christmas!!

 I am excited about the new year and my great students. We plan to travel from the beginning of man to Rome. It should be a great adventure.Currently, we are learning about Geography and how to use maps. This will help us on our adventure to know where we are and why people live there.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail anytime:  I am much better by email than phone. You can call the school anytime for a conference.

 The following schedule is what we have done, are doing, and will be doing in the next week.

8/24-25- How do I?   Learning and reviewing Rituals and Routines and Homework Rubric  p 6-7

8/26-27-Six Themes of Geography- Create foldable on topic                                                  p 8-9

8/28-8/31-Maps and Map Projections.  take notes on seasons and longitude and latitude.
                  Homework: Worksheet Six Essentials Elements of Geography, and questions FL 41,1-2;
                  FL 43, 1-2                                                                                                              p 10-11

9/1-9/2- Maps and Movement, check Homework and takes notes.                                         p 12-13
              Home work: p FL 44-FL 51, questions

9/3-9/4- Primary and Secondary sources.                                                                               p 14-15

Monday, May 18, 2015

EOC and History Fair.

 Dear parents of my 2A class:
 Your children missed my class today due to testing. I did track them down and gave them their study guides. They have two guides; one guides needs the child to look up the answers and the other can be used as a question and answer sheet.
 The EOC was moved to Wednesday for A day classes and Thursday for B day classes. There will not be a test on Rome. We are quickly looking at Chapter 12, Incas, Mayans and Aztecs.
All the work for the rest of the year will be classroom work only.
History Fair is still due May 20 and 21. It is important to get them in on time. I must grade them before the end of the nine weeks.

Helpful Hints History Fair:


1. title page
2. Process paper ( no numbering)
3.Bibliography ( at least Three sources)
4. Annotated Bibliography ( a note on how you used each source)

 I had students take pictures of examples.
No process paper or bibliography on board
Students can decorate boards, pictures and captions explaining topics Leadership and Legacy
Can also use primary source documents.
Can use DVDs, CDs, props and primary artifacts in front or attached to the board. See example at www. Remember, these are National winners, so  I am not expecting the same from first time students.

  The students have been show this website many times and how to get to the help they need.

Upcoming end of the year notes:
 20-21 May Projects due
20-21 May EOC History
19-20 May 6th grade achieve testing
21-22 May Music EOC
22-26 May Science EOC
26-27 May I-ready testing
29 May six grade locker clean out and book return
3 June 6th grade field trip EPCOT
4 June Field Day
5 June last day- report cards are mailed home next week.
8-9 June teachers

Thursday, April 9, 2015

History Fair- home work

4/8-4/9-Chart p 216, voc p 216, questions p 222,1abc,2abc

4/10-4/13- Review Greece P 223 vocabulary, p 224,questions 9 ab,10abc, 11abc,12abc,13abc
4/14-4/15- take home test
4/14-/15- Civilization comparison chart.
4/16-4/17- Roma Chapter 8

All students have history fair topics, unless turned in late. Friday all classes will have review History Fair research sheet and calendar
 How to do note cards,  Process paper, exhibit,etc.

suggested webites:
Florida Memory

 All students have received history fair packets.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

After Spring Break!

All grades are updated and Test graded. Students have been given progress reports to compare their papers and test grades for corrections. All test and papers have been given back to the students. Corrections have been made.
Students have also reviewed rubric and expectations.

History Fair topics and research can begin. Students have been give suggestions on a hand out and information expectations. THEY have NOT been given a timeline yet. is an excellent resource.


3/23-24- Read p 192-195, questions page 195

3/25-3/26- Take home test. Short answers must have complete sentences, questions restated and at least a paragraph with evidence. Each short answer question has a ten point value, matching is two pints, multiple choice are 5 points and the last page has a total of 25 points.

3/27-3/30 Athens- Read page 198-203, vocabulary p 198 and questions p 203,1ab,2ab,3ab
                 (History Fair Topics due)

3/31-4/1-read p 204-205, questions p 205 (Start History Fair Research)
4/2-4/3- Student holiday

4/7-4/8- Sparta vs  Athens  Read p 206-213, vocabulary p 206 questions p 213,1abc,2abc,3ab

Friday, February 27, 2015

Greece and History Fair

 I am back!! Thank you for being patient with my recent Breast Cancer. I did have a Mastectomy in early January and I am currently Cancer free!! I really appreciate the welcomes and the prayers. Thank you.

Now back to business!! : )

As of 2/27 every paper in my procession has been graded and posted. If a paper was turned in today, it will appear next week.

The students are currently taking their China test after a review and doing maps for Greece.

Homework is the following:
2/26-2/27- Draw and Label Map page 167, questions.

3/2-3/3 - voc p 168, with pictures and definitions on index cards, questions p 175,1ab,2ab,3ab

3/4-3/5- copy time line p 172, Read p176-177, questions

3/6-3/9- voc p 180, questions p 188,1ab,2ab,3ab

3/10-3/11-Venn diagram with Socrates and Plato

3/12-3/13- review p 189-190, 1-10 write complete definition  then questions 11a,b,c-14a,b,c.