Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome to my class!!

Dear Students and Parents!!
 I am so excited for a new year! We have so much to do!! We will travel from the beginning of humans to Rome. We will visit Mesopotamia , Egypt, China, India,Greece, Rome, and the Indian Empires of Central and South America. We have so many interesting vocabulary words to learn, bell ringers to answers and maps to read.
 Not only will be learning about Iceman, King Tuk, and Asoka, but how  we can use our writing skills to explain to others; what documents really mean and primary sources help us learn more about History. Has History really change or our perception of it?   My favorite phrases  are why?? and  prove it!!

Things to bring each day to Mrs. Hayden's class:
pencil or pen
composition book
homework or assignment
History book
paper to write on for notes or assignments
index cards for vocabulary
You will have a folder in the room for all of your returned assignments to live in

How do I know what to do?
 Mrs. Hayden will have the schedule for the day posted on her white board. If, you miss an assignment. She keeps a chart with pass and future work. You will find a pattern to her class.
She will also post information on her blog and planner. She also keeps a notebook of past lesson plans, if you need to find past bell ringers and closings. It will be easy to always have your composition book in order.

 What does Mrs. Hayden require on our classwork and Home Learning?
  Mrs. Hayden will give each student a rubric on how to do their work. The students will need to have their names on their paper on the right hand side along with the class period and assignment page and question numbers. All students will restate their question or topic in the answer along with writing a complete sentence. The students will also give evidence to back their answer. There is hope! She offers extra credit for papers typed on the computer or written in cursive. Sometimes, she gives extra credit for well written answers above and beyond the normal expectation.

 How will we know our grade?
  Mrs. Hayden has a weekly goal of posting all work at least once a week. She has the goal of returning your work by the next class. Sunday is usually a good day to see if your work/grade has been updated. Mrs. Hayden stamps every paper/assignment she receives and places a grade from 1-3 in the portal.  Please remember Mrs. Hayden is only human and may make a mistake. If the error is in your favor; it will not be changed. If, the error is not in your favor; please resubmit the paper with a note about the correction.

What?????? I don't understand!!
 Mrs. Hayden grades all assignment and home learning ( work she considers practice) with a stamp. The stamp has three items on it:
Outstanding( otstanding according to Office Max!!)= wonderful= extra credit=3= 150%
Satisfactory= meets rubric=2=100%
Needs Improvement=student needs to correct and resubmit=1=50%
If I have not seen the paper the grade is a 0=0%
Does she really grade all papers? And reads them? Ask her former students!!
We should respect each other's work.

 Special Projects?
 There will be some special projects this year. One will be learning how to do History Fair required by the Social Studies Department. Other projects will be about Black History, Women's History and other wonderful learning adventures!! You can learn about History Fair at the following link

  I hope I have helped you learn a little about my class and expectations!! Can't wait to meet you!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

lastest update and Parents need as chaperones for several upcoming trips.

 Dear Parents!
 We have several upcoming Field Trips and need Chaperones. It is nice to keep groups down to 5 people. DCPS requires 1 chaperone to every 10 students. This makes for some very large groups, so 1/5 is much better. If you volunteer to chaperone, your child may pick the people for their group. I can't promise they will get all of their choices, because everyone needs a chaperone. We will do the best we can.
 Field trips and dates:

1 May 2014- World Of Nations. If you have not paid for lunch ticket, I can only get you a entrance pass and parking pass.
 I need 42 chaperones for all of the sixth grade.

13 May 2014-Zoo trip- Cost for students $8.00, which includes admission, bus ride, and meal( hot dog, hamburger, or PBJ, chips and drink).( additional food can be purchased).

28 May 2014- Still in planning stage- EPCOT

 Daily Journal World History:
4/16-4/17- Read p 198-203, voc cards p 198, questions p 203, chart p 198( Venn diagram)- test on Classical Greece with book.

4/18- Holiday!!

4/21-4/22-Video Greek Civilization, Read p 206-213, voc p 206, ques p 213, 1abc, 2abc,3abc
 Chart p 206- Athens/Sparta

4/23-4/24- The Fall of Greece read p 216-222, voc p 216, ques p 222, 1abc, 2abc

4/25-4/28- Review P 223-224
write out 1-8 and then ques, 9ab,10abc,11abc,12abc

4/29-4/30-  Test Greece
Rise of Rome Read p 228-235, Voc p 228, ques p 235,1ab,2ab,3ab  Taking notes p 228

May 1- Field trip World of Nations, dress code, spending money, sun glasses, hats.

 Daily Journal- Reading

4/10- Greece stories - p 167-168-169-170-174-176- student will read stories and create plays

Work assigned and turned in should be worksheet packet with drawings and pictures of Greece and a River Valley civilization.

4/14- review and groups will plan how to turn the story into a play.

4/16- Groups will present Plays.

4/18- Introduction to Holocaust using Leadership documentary " Paper Clips"

4/22- Assign new books, historical fiction on Holocaust.

4/22- read book, discussion group and Study Guide.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

history fair questions from parents

Mrs. Hayden,
Where can I find examples of what goes on the History Fair Board?

Thank you for contacting me. The students saw examples in their class. It isn't as hard as putting things in the right place for Science. You can see some examples at  look under exhibit. He is doing an exhibit with a process paper.
The Process paper answers four questions. The process paper should have the following:
Title page
Process paper questions and answers
an noted bibliography
 you can find examples of all of these at also. There are also research sites you can link to from NHD. Other places for research are Florida nhd, Jacksonville history
you can also look at Karples and national archives websites.

Can you please clarify the History Project to me.   Our student "Sample
History Fair Project Evaluation(100pts)"  leads us to believe she has to
do a Process Paper, Display Board and an Oral Presentation. But, when we
look at the NHD National History Day sheet and website it tell us to
pick ONE :  Documentary or Exhibit or Paper or Performance or Web Site.

What is required for 1A History class and can you
please provide a timeline.  I can not tell from your blog if the
different dates are for other classes.

Thank you for emailing. The students have been working on this since January and it is due in 24 March. They are doing an exhibit, an exhibit requires a process paper, Backboard( exhibit) and she is presenting it in class.  This is why the rubric has all three.
The process paper has to answer four questions in less than 500 words. All students have a copy of this and we have gone over it in class, several times. They  should also have a copy of how to create the project.  They have also seen several examples in class. They should have copied the timeline from the one we all did together on the board. The time line you see on my blog is the time line we are using for all classes. I made all of the students copy it in their planners. They even voted on the due date.
I have spent several days each week going over History Fair and answering all of the students questions. I have taken them to the website and showed them how to get to information. I have even showed how to research and what websites one can go to for information. I have also showed how can connect to various websites and about Florida History Fair website and Jacksonville history websites. Please ask any questions and I will gladly help.

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

  Things you need for History Fair:

The students have been learning how to do the items and research for History Fair. The students have also received printed information about the rubric, schedule and
 The students were also given this list of suggestions. I have asked for them not to do Jackie Robinson and Bob Hayes. The boys seemed to only want to do one of these choices and nothing else. One can only see and listen to a few projects on one topic. I knew 20 Bob Hayes and 40 Jackie Robinson projects would be too much. There is so much interesting history in Jacksonville and Florida, to limit ourselves to just a few topics. Some great places to look are:
Jacksonville Historical society
African- American history in Jacksonville and/or Florida
John G. Riley Museum- Tallahassee
Eatonville, Florida

 Good Luck! remember search engines are not websites and Wikipedia isn't trust worthy.

 The World History Daily Journal and the lovely Nameless and Homeless paper wall!!

reading journal assignments

 Updating the current  Reading work schedule and due dates for History Fair/ reading
2/5-6- Maurya Empire  DBQ- Buddhism
2/7-2/10- Maruya Empire II- vocabulary  cards p 126, read p 126-130, questions p 130 Venn diagram Asoka and Changdragupta
2/11-2/12- Maruya Empire III-  Group Venn diagram, Review p 131-132, 1-12
2/13-14- Review India-Study for test and Play
2/18-19- test India Welcome China  read p 136-141 first.  voc p 136, questions p 141 and chart p 136.
2/20-21- Geography of China   read p 144-148, voc p 144 questions p 148
2/24-25- Confucius
 Reading/ History Fair time line
2/6- create lesson on : Index cards-Note cards
                                      MLA style bibliography
                                     Process paper
                                     annotated  bibliography
                                      Primary Sources
                                      Websites for research
                                     Back board designs
 Each one teach one- Each group has a power point to prepare to teach the other students
2/10- Teach lessons
2/12-Continue lessons- Select topic- Beginning reading background
2/14- Final topic selection
2/19- research
2/21 research II
2/25- Research and Thesis
2/27- Final Thesis
3/3- organize you notes
 More information t follow. Project deadline is 25 March by student vote.
The best website for explaining everything is . The students are only doing exhibits with process papers.
Process papers answer four questions and be only 500 words long with a title page. The papers need a bibliography and an annotated bibliography.
 The first section should explain how you chose your topic. ( Non ex: Mrs. Hayden made me chose this topic)
The second section should explain how you conducted your research. ( ex: I started at the library with a book called "History Of Jacksonville".
The third section should explain how you selected your presentation category. (ex: The teacher only allowed us to do one category. I knew an exhibit could explain my project well by ............)
The fourth section should explain how your project relates to The NHD theme. ( This year the theme is rights and responsibilities)
 This information has been given to all students and a list of ideas.