Monday, September 15, 2014

homework update

 Students will be given a print out of their grades in my class as of 9/15(B) and 9/16(A)

The current chart for class work/ Home learning is:

9/16-17-civilizations- Read p 20-24,questions page 24 1a,b;2a,b;3a,b Remember rubric
 vocabulary p 20.

9/18-19-Iceman video-continue work on timelines

9/22-23- Growth of Cities- chart p 20-24 in class, Home learning pages 25-26 questions 1-10.

9/24-25- Review for test

9/25-9/26- timelines due!!

9/26-9/29- Test Chapter 1, Read page 28-29, draw and label map on page 29, questions under map Identify and Apply information.

9/30-10/1- Mesopotamia!! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

 Dear Parents,
 I have updated the grades. The grades may not immediately populate to your child's grade portal. Sometimes there is a day difference between my grade book and your grade portal.
 Please remember I only update the grade portal once a week. I only see your child only two or three times a week. I don't always have an assignment to grade or I may have several assignments to grade. I will always work hard to return your child's papers by the next class I have them, but I may not always have them posted, since I only do this once a week.
 Please feel free to contact me anytime over a grade issue. Your children all have
   a rubric in their journals about my expectations. I have gone over this rubric several times to make sure they understand the way to do the work.
 I am asking for the children to restate the question in the answer, write complete sentences and give evidence to support their answer. This is to help them succeed on the eighth grade writing test.

 I am having trouble getting the students to take notes in their planners on how to do their work or home learning. The children seem to be relying on only my blog and not all the places the schedule is posted in the room. I am worried they don't see it as their responsibility to write information down in the classroom, when I ask if they understand a project, they reply, "just post it on the blog". This bothers me a bit. They need to learn about their responsibility to you and themselves.

Many examples of the timeline project have been given in class. I will follow here with more information.

Top- pictures and events of the student


2003       2004           2005               2006      2007         2008                                           2014
/-------------/--------------/-------------/------------/------------/                                   ----------/

Bottom world event

Thursday, September 4, 2014

vocabulary words for index cards

 The students were given an assignment today using their index cards. The students were to write the vocabulary word and draw a picture showing the meaning of the word on the front of the card. On the back of the card, should be the definition. The definition should be from the book; glossary,  pages in the book,  context, dictionary.

 Vocabulary 9/4-9/5

History             key(legend)             physical map
historian           longitude                 political map
pre-history       latitude                     absolute location
geography                                         relative location

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Current home Learning assignments.

 Home Learning:
8/18-19- find out about your family history.
8/20-21- FL 40-FL41, questions 1-2
8/22-25- FL 42- FL43, questions 1-2
8/26-27- FL44-FL51, questions
8/28-8/29- Baseline test
9/2-3- Primary Sources about your family [ picture, birth certificate( copy),etc]
9/4-9/5- Index cards for vocabulary cards.
9/8-9/9-Read p 6-9, questions p 9 1abc,2abc
9/10-11- Time line project assigned, due September 24-25
9/12-15-Read 12-17, question p 17, index vocabulary cards.

Learn about History Fair

Home work

 Home Learning schedule:
8/18-19- Family history Primary Source
8/20-21-  page FL40-41, questions
8/22-25; Page FL 42-43, questions
8/26-27- pages FL 44-FL 51 questions
8/28-8/29- Baseline test
9/2-3- primary Sources family history/create folder
9/4-5- Vocabulary Index cards
9/8-9-Read p 6-9, questions p 9,1abc,2abc
9/10-11- Timeline project- see rubric- Students life in pictures and events of each year. due 9/24-25
9/12-15-Vocabulary cards,Read p 12-17, Questions p 17, create Chart in class.

Coming soon: History Fair  Theme this year is "leadership and legacy" in history
National History Day Competition  link

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Hi Everyone!!
 Welcome to Hayden's World History Blog!!
 You will find  Home Learning posted here and the day's plan.
 I would to let parents know, i have several places in the room I post information.
The daily plan is always on the white board with the Bell ringer and Home Learning.
The World History chart lets Students know where we have been and where we are going. This information is usually posted for the week or two weeks.Students are responsible for writing their work in their planner.

 The students have a table in my room with staplers, hand sanitizer, tape, hole punch,electric pencil sharpener and a place to turn in their Home Learning or make up work. Each class has their own in basket to turn their work in. work will be grade at the end of the day or by next class if possible.
 The students will also have a copy of the "Rituals and Routines" and home learning grading and expectations. These should be glued into their composition books for easy reference.
 Please feel free to email me, I will try to get back to you in 48 hours or less. If there is a holiday or family issue I may take longer to answer.
 I give homework/home learning passes to my student for good deeds, good answers ,or a compliment from and another teacher or administrator. The passes must have the students name and a stamp or signature from me, and can Only be used for homework/ home learning assignments; Never for tests, quizzes or projects. The passes are great for times you have a family emergency or going out of town. The student will receive a 100 grade for the pass when they turn it in. The pass is good only for one assignment and one time.
 I will pass out curriculum papers at Open House. This will enable me to go over the paper with you and answer any questions you have about the class. I tease the students by telling them "my job is make their lives miserable",  This is for the occasion they complain about a project or an assignment. I tell them it is like, when your parents ask you to clean your room, empty the dishwasher, etc. As a teacher I know there will be days they love me and days they don't, it depends on the test or homework! You as a parent will survive Middle school, adolescence is hard.
 Thank you!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome to my class!!

Dear Students and Parents!!
 I am so excited for a new year! We have so much to do!! We will travel from the beginning of humans to Rome. We will visit Mesopotamia , Egypt, China, India,Greece, Rome, and the Indian Empires of Central and South America. We have so many interesting vocabulary words to learn, bell ringers to answers and maps to read.
 Not only will be learning about Iceman, King Tuk, and Asoka, but how  we can use our writing skills to explain to others; what documents really mean and primary sources help us learn more about History. Has History really change or our perception of it?   My favorite phrases  are why?? and  prove it!!

Things to bring each day to Mrs. Hayden's class:
pencil or pen
composition book
homework or assignment
History book
paper to write on for notes or assignments
index cards for vocabulary
You will have a folder in the room for all of your returned assignments to live in

How do I know what to do?
 Mrs. Hayden will have the schedule for the day posted on her white board. If, you miss an assignment. She keeps a chart with pass and future work. You will find a pattern to her class.
She will also post information on her blog and planner. She also keeps a notebook of past lesson plans, if you need to find past bell ringers and closings. It will be easy to always have your composition book in order.

 What does Mrs. Hayden require on our classwork and Home Learning?
  Mrs. Hayden will give each student a rubric on how to do their work. The students will need to have their names on their paper on the right hand side along with the class period and assignment page and question numbers. All students will restate their question or topic in the answer along with writing a complete sentence. The students will also give evidence to back their answer. There is hope! She offers extra credit for papers typed on the computer or written in cursive. Sometimes, she gives extra credit for well written answers above and beyond the normal expectation.

 How will we know our grade?
  Mrs. Hayden has a weekly goal of posting all work at least once a week. She has the goal of returning your work by the next class. Sunday is usually a good day to see if your work/grade has been updated. Mrs. Hayden stamps every paper/assignment she receives and places a grade from 1-3 in the portal.  Please remember Mrs. Hayden is only human and may make a mistake. If the error is in your favor; it will not be changed. If, the error is not in your favor; please resubmit the paper with a note about the correction.

What?????? I don't understand!!
 Mrs. Hayden grades all assignment and home learning ( work she considers practice) with a stamp. The stamp has three items on it:
Outstanding( otstanding according to Office Max!!)= wonderful= extra credit=3= 150%
Satisfactory= meets rubric=2=100%
Needs Improvement=student needs to correct and resubmit=1=50%
If I have not seen the paper the grade is a 0=0%
Does she really grade all papers? And reads them? Ask her former students!!
We should respect each other's work.

 Special Projects?
 There will be some special projects this year. One will be learning how to do History Fair required by the Social Studies Department. Other projects will be about Black History, Women's History and other wonderful learning adventures!! You can learn about History Fair at the following link

  I hope I have helped you learn a little about my class and expectations!! Can't wait to meet you!!