Thursday, May 12, 2016

After the EOC

 We took our EOC exam today and I am glad it is over!!

I have a feeling many students are used to elementary school and think the year is over already.
This is the only reason my grades on Focus can be so low. I think many of the students went on Spring Break and didn't return. : )
Maybe, I am assigning too little homework and they aren't used to it!

  1. Please check Focus and have your student make up any missing work. I have been asking for makeup work since 4/18 when testing began. I know many of the students had time in the Study/Quiet  time for 8th grade testing.

We will continue with Rome and after testing.
Here is the next group of work and test:
5/11-5/12-50/49 questions and Valley Charts are due. EOC testing
5/13-16- Review Chapter 8 Rome p 228-247
5/17-18- Test Chapter 8 Rome
5/19-20- Review Chapter 9 p 252-276
5/23-24- Test Chapter 9 Rome,
5/25-26- Start Meso America Chapter 12

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fourth nine weeks and EOC

 Hello again!
The year is speeding by fast! It has been wonderful to teach your children this year! I think I will miss watching them grow into 8th graders.

 This nine weeks so far has been very simple for work. The students had an open book test on Chapter 8 and 9. I am very happy with lots of the scores. However, I am still missing a few tests.
 Please check the grade portal for missing test grades.

We have been working on Rome this nine weeks. I will post all of the assignments for Rome.
The students have been given extra time to turn in missing work. They have had the last two weeks to catch up on any missing work. They have also had a print out of their grades to check for missing work. The work has been posted in three different places in the room to help them catch up.

The EOC for World History will be 11-12 May. The students have been given a 50 question review sheet for all of the standards, we have done this year. They have had three weeks to work on this Study Guide.
 The students have also been given a Chart of the different River Valleys to help them also. It is due 9-10 May.

The assignments this nine week as of 5/3/2016:

Key terms cards p 228
Questions p 235
Chart( example p 228) p 228-235
Key terms p 240
Questions p 246
Outline or Chart p 240-246
Brainpop Meso America
Brainpop Caesar
Review p 247 and questions p 248
Key terms p 252
Questions p 258
Key terms p 259
Questions p 265
50 question Study Guide( three weeks) due 11-12 May
Chart of River Valleys Due 9-10 May

Friday, April 1, 2016

Updating Blog Finally!!

Oops! We have move on from China to Greece. This has been a very busy 9 weeks!! Some of my classes have been giving teaching a lesson a try. They did very well and were surprised at the work it took to create a good lesson. If, you child is in 1period,7th period, or 8 period the lessons and homework maybe a little different from the standard lesson and home learning assignment. I have given several progress reports along the way during the last nine weeks. The last one given to the students was on March 29 and March 30. Every child received this updated class progress report.

 Here is the list of assignments since the end of February:
2/25-27- Key terms p 80 Questions p 188
2/29-3/1-Review p 189-190
3/9-10- re-review Chapter 6 section 1
3/11-14- re-review Chapter 6 section 2
3/15-16-Test Chapter 6, Map Greece
3/17-3/29- Key Terms p 198* questions p 203
3/30-31- P 206-213, Key terms p 206* questions p 213
4/1-4/4-read p 216-222. key terms p 216* questions p 222
4/5-6- Review p 223 Key terms, p 224 Questions 9-13
4/7-11- Test Chapter 7, Greece, p 198-222, Map Rome

*Many students are not turning in Key term index cards. These cards are to help them study for the EOC test. These cards make great flash cards for studying vocabulary.

I will give out two study guides for the EOC. The students  World History EOC is May 11-12. These study guides were very effective for the original EOC for Social Studies.  According to the students from previous years, they still work well for the current EOC. Unfortunately, I don't know what is on the current EOC. World History is a very large subject area. We go from Hunting and gathering to Rome, Inca, and Aztecs. We have covered most of the World's Major religions and ancient cultures. They are looking for improvement from the pretest at the beginning of the year.

Friday, January 29, 2016

India test and Hello China

 The first part of the year is over. The students know what they should do and how to do their work.
 I am proud of so many of them.    We have complete India and now head for China. After China, we will head to Greece.
All of the papers are graded and entered in the grade book. Only papers received after Thursday are not on the grade book.

Homework on China:

2/1-2- Test Chapter 4         Draw and Label China Map on page 135 and two questions.

2/3-4-Dragons and Chinese Rivers  Read p 136-141   voc p 136 Questions p 141,1ab,2ab,3ab

2/5-8- Confucius    Read p 144-148  voc p 144 and questions p 148,1ab,2ab,3ab    Quiz 5-1

2/9-10- Terra Cotta Warriors        Read p 149-153 voc p 149 and questions p 153,1ab,2ab,3ab

Thursday, January 14, 2016

1/14-15- student Venn diagram with Hindu and Buddha information. no Homework

1/19-20-Chandragupta vs Asoka voc p 126, 130 questions  1abc,2abc
               Quiz Hinduism and Buddhism

1/21-24- The Battle of Klinga p 12e-130

1/25-26- Review India  p 131,1-7 write out     Questions p 12, 8abc,9abc,10,abc,11abc,12abc.   RACE style
Restate question
Answer question
Cite information

1/27-28-final, Final India Review

1/31-2/1-test Chapter 4- India-- Map China

Monday, January 11, 2016

Thank you!

 Dear Parents,
Thank you for being so patience about my surgery. Everything went very well this time and hopefully this adventure will be complete next October!

 I apologize for not posting all of the information while I was out. I have graded all of the papers from before the break and updated the grades. I am now starting with papers turned in since last Monday. I will have those graded soon. My goal is to grade the test from before break and then the homework. I seem to have lots of late work turned in this past week. Please remind students to put their name on the paper, because my nameless wall has run out of room! It would be great to have assignments on late papers also, then I don't have to guess what they are for a grade.

1/4-5_ India voc p 106 questions p 111, 1ab,2ab,3ab
1/6-7 Mohenjo-Daro  Read p 112-113 and do assessment. Draw a picture from your mind's eye on what you think the city looks like.
1/8-11- Hinduism Read p 114-118, voc p 114 questions p 118
1/12-13- Buddhism. Read p 119-123 voc p 119 questions p 123.

Please remind students to be respectful when learning about another person; religion and culture.
* the next test will be before the nine weeks end.
******** Students will need a new composition book for next semester.*****************

Monday, October 26, 2015

Update in work and grades

 I have not posted the finally grades for my class yet. I will take the last late papers on Wednesday and I will update then.
 I will not post the Mesopotamia Test until Quarter 2. The students didn't do well on this test. I would prefer to use it for next nine weeks so they may raise their grade vs this test pulling them down. The students always do well on the first test and then relax for the second. This is what I saw on the second test. The students also have trouble with the second nine weeks because of relaxing from the first quarter and many holidays. Time passes without them realizing how fast it is going. The students are having trouble with their vocabulary. I asked them to use their flash cards they created and practice. This will help them at the end of the year exam.

We are now in Egypt:
10/22-23-Draw and Label map on p 67 and answer two questions.
10/26-27: voc p 68 and Questions p 73, 1abc,2abc Read p 68-73
10/28-29- Voc p 74 and questions p 79,1ab,2ab,3ab voc quiz Section 1,Read p 74-79
11/2-3-Pyramids- p 86-87 assessment Read p 86-87
11/4-5-voc p 80 and questions p 85, 1ab,2ab,3ab and quiz section 2, Read p 80-85
11/6-9-voc p 88 and questions p 93,1ab,2ab,3ab quiz section 3 Read p 88-93
11/10-12- using route maps P 94-95
11/13-11/16-Read p 96-100 voc p 96 and questions p 100,1ab,2ab,3ab
11/17-18- Review p 101 key terms 1-7, questions  p 102,8abc,9abc,10abc,11ab,12ab
11/19-20- Review and voc test Chapter 3
11/23-24- Test Chapter 3