Thursday, March 26, 2015

After Spring Break!

All grades are updated and Test graded. Students have been given progress reports to compare their papers and test grades for corrections. All test and papers have been given back to the students. Corrections have been made.
Students have also reviewed rubric and expectations.

History Fair topics and research can begin. Students have been give suggestions on a hand out and information expectations. THEY have NOT been given a timeline yet. is an excellent resource.


3/23-24- Read p 192-195, questions page 195

3/25-3/26- Take home test. Short answers must have complete sentences, questions restated and at least a paragraph with evidence. Each short answer question has a ten point value, matching is two pints, multiple choice are 5 points and the last page has a total of 25 points.

3/27-3/30 Athens- Read page 198-203, vocabulary p 198 and questions p 203,1ab,2ab,3ab
                 (History Fair Topics due)

3/31-4/1-read p 204-205, questions p 205 (Start History Fair Research)
4/2-4/3- Student holiday

4/7-4/8- Sparta vs  Athens  Read p 206-213, vocabulary p 206 questions p 213,1abc,2abc,3ab

Friday, February 27, 2015

Greece and History Fair

 I am back!! Thank you for being patient with my recent Breast Cancer. I did have a Mastectomy in early January and I am currently Cancer free!! I really appreciate the welcomes and the prayers. Thank you.

Now back to business!! : )

As of 2/27 every paper in my procession has been graded and posted. If a paper was turned in today, it will appear next week.

The students are currently taking their China test after a review and doing maps for Greece.

Homework is the following:
2/26-2/27- Draw and Label Map page 167, questions.

3/2-3/3 - voc p 168, with pictures and definitions on index cards, questions p 175,1ab,2ab,3ab

3/4-3/5- copy time line p 172, Read p176-177, questions

3/6-3/9- voc p 180, questions p 188,1ab,2ab,3ab

3/10-3/11-Venn diagram with Socrates and Plato

3/12-3/13- review p 189-190, 1-10 write complete definition  then questions 11a,b,c-14a,b,c.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

 Dear Parents
 I hope to back at school by February. I will start on the History Fair  as soon as I get back., Please don't worry.  My sub and I talk everyday about how the students are doing and the lessons are working. I have already update the third nine weeks grade portal.
 Here is the current plan:
 1/9-12/15- Test  Chapter 11- Draw and Label the Map p 105 and answer two questions.

1/13-14/15- Read p 106-111, Outline p 106-111,voc p 106 and questions p 111. Restate questions, write complete sentences and give evidence.

1/15-20-Read p 112-113, do two questions p 113, Draw a picture from your mind's eye about how you think Mohenjo-Daro looked at this time. Use the information on p 106-113 to help you.

1/21-22/15- Read p 114-118. Voc. p114 and questions o 118. restate questions, write complete sentences and give evidence. Classwork create as a group; 5 questions to have the movie on Hinduism answer.

1/23-26/15- Read p 119-123, voc p 119, questions p 123, Restate questions, write complete sentences and give evidence.. Groups create 5 questions for Buddhism movie.

1/27-28/15-  Read p 126-130, voc p 126, questions p 130.
Restate questions, write complete sentences and give evidence. Classwork is to create a Venn diagram comparing Chandragupta vs Asoka.

1/29-1/30- Review for test Chapter on India.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

past , present and future news and assignments.

Dear Parents,

 Thank you for being patient will my illness lately. I will be out for minor surgery 5 December 2014. I will be out the week after this. I have a good friend, who is my sub. She is Jo Carraro, a former engineer at ATT and Bed and Breakfast owner in Puerto Rico. She is a traveler like me and understands history. She has been subbing/teaching Spanish at Twin Lake the last few months.

My students will not start History Fair until January. I don't feel I would teach this project well before the Holidays. You may get information at , you will find the rules and theme. I will give the students a packet after they return from break. I am going to try to get the students to learn some new topics and concentrate on Jacksonville and Florida history. I will have a list of people and places to help them use local resources.

The usual blog undated is as follows:

11/20-21- Egyptian Life- quiz 2.3
Chart p 88 in class home learning : Read p 88-93,voc p88 questions p 93,1ab,2ab.3ab

11/24-25- Nubia- Read p 96-100 voc p 96, questions p 100 1ab,2ab,3ab

11/26-12/1- HOLIDAYS

12/2-12/3- Review Egypt- P 101, 1-7 and p 102,questions 8abc-12ab

12/4-5- Review II- video and student review

12/8-12/9-TEST CHAPTER 3 EGYPT   draw and label Map p 309

12/10-11- Intro to Africa
Create Chart in class p 310
Home learning- voc p 310 and questions p 315

12/12-15- West Africa outline p 318-323
voc p 318 and questions p 323 1abc, 2ab

12/16-18- East Africa voc p 326 and questions p 330 abc, 2ab

12/19- Winter  Break- Take home test due after break 1/ 6-7

1/6-7- History Fair information.
 Chapter on India.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

test next wednesday and Thursday on chapter 2/ no CGA for this quarter

 This is the copy of the chart from 10/22-11/19:

10/22-23-Judaism II- Outline p 56-60
10/27-28- Review vocabulary p 61 1-14, Page 62 15abc,16abc,17abc,18abc,19abc
10/29-10-30- Test  Chapter 2,  Draw and Label Map p 67 and two questions
10/31-11/3- Movie Prince of Egypt and write compare and contrast with real story of Moses.
11/4-11/5-Geography of Egypt Read p 68-73 vocabulary p 68 and questions p 73, 1abc,2abc
11/6-11/7- I see the Nile- draw picture of the Nile and act out the flow of the Nile. also chart1010-11/10-11/11- Holiday
11/12-11/13- The Three Kingdoms chart p 74, Vocabulary 74 questions p 79,1ab,2ab,3ab
11/14-11/17- Copy Timeline on P 76,vocabulary p 80 questions p 85,1ab,2ab,3ab
11/18-11/19- Tour of Egypt,  Chart p 80, Read p86- 87, questions p 87, Identify and infer

 This can change with testing  or other required events.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Homework update: 9/30-10/17

 The portal was updated Wednesday with all work received by Wednesday.
 The portal was updated again on Sunday with test scores.

Over all for the 151 students: ( 10 students still need to take the test)
F- 2

 The chart:
9/30-10/1-voc p 30 questions p 35
10/2-10/3-Outlines- Students outline from 33-35, using method taught in class.
10/6-10/7-voc p 38, questions p 42
10/8-10/9-Hammurabi's code
                 voc p 43 questions p 47

10/10-10/13- Phoenicians
                      voc p 48 questions p 53
10/14-10/15- Alpha Beta
                        Review writing
10/16-10/17- Judaism-
                       voc p 56 questions p60

Prepare for chapter 2 test and CGA- 1st 9 weeks.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Posting updated 9/21

 Dear Parents,
 The grades were updated on 9/21. Every paper was graded and recorded by Friday, when I left school.
  Sunday, all of the grades in the book were recorded on the grade portal. Please remember, the grades may take a day to populate to your portal. My screen is very different from yours and must down load from mine to upload to your screen.
 Please remember, if children didn't follow directions, not put a name on a paper, or forget to turn the paper in on time, it will take longer to grade or show up on the portal.
As a teacher, I have learned children will blame the teacher for any issues, because children love their parents and don't want to disappoint them. The children do the same to you on these same matters, if they think they are in trouble with me. We need to work as a team to find out what really happened and how to fix it. I want the best for all of my students and to prepare them for the next grade and life. I know you want the same for them. We will get them there, together.
 This year I have 151 students; I want them to be treated fairly, work hard, and do the best they can. If, there is a problem, let's solve it.  Children need to learn to become self directed learners.

Thank you for your trust and help

 Please remember test September 26-29.
 Timeline due September 25-26.